Site Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis:

The backbone of CCC's work is in engineering design of stormwater related features of land development projects, often as a subconsultant to land surveyors, architects, land planners, or other civil engineers.

Best Management Practices

We design cost effective stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) for land development projects, which are often highly complex and outside the technical capability of our clients, such as:

  • Detention Ponds
  • Stormwater Treatment Ponds
  • Constructed Wetlands
  • Stream Bank Restoration
  • Underground Stormwater Vaults
  • LEED support for US Green Building Council approval of green building projects.

Floodplain Analysis

We analyze floodplain impacts from land development, due to fill in the floodplain, the addition of bridge piers and abutments, utility crossings, or the like. We also peer review existing flood studies or FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps to determine if prior consultants made any errors in their engineering analysis of the floodplain, that may have led to an area being mismapped.

Stormwater Projects

For stand-alone stormwater related projects, CCC often acts as the lead Engineer of Record, drawing up construction plans and specifications, and going through local, state, and federal regulatory approval processes.

Stormwater BMP Inspection

CCC has two decades of experience designing stormwater infrastructure for land development projects, and carries that experience into the field with every inspection. CCC can visit your site, ascertain whether stormwater infrastructure is functioning properly, determine the necessary steps to maintain or repair your facilities, and help you with capital reserve fund analysis to keep your facilities operational long term. We inspect:

  • Detention Ponds
  • Wet Stormwater Ponds
  • Constructed Wetlands
  • Underground Stormwater Vaults
  • Underground Stormwater Detention Pipe Manifolds
  • Infiltration Systems

CCC maintains licensed staff capable of following OSHA confined space entry protocols where necessary in our inspections.

CCC also offers inspection services to homeowners experiencing drainage problems with their lots, or their neighbors.

Expert Engineering Services for Attorneys or Owners in Ongoing Disputes

CCC has testified in local and state court as an expert in stormwater hydrology and site development. We have offered expert services in drainage disputes between adjacent land owners, on erroneous flood mapping, on improperly built structures, and on erosion control failures during land development.

We have given testimony on the stand, in deposition, and in arbitration, but have also worked with owners in dispute to properly resolve the drainage issues on the ground without the need of legal intervention, saving both interlocutors time and money.

In legal disagreements, CCC seeks to avoid court proceedings by simply being as right as possible, expressing the truth of the situation in an unchallengeable way, and seeking a settlement or resolution outside the court system if at all possible.

Other Engineering Services

Stormwater hydrology intersects with other engineering disciplines in a myriad of ways, and CCC can provide broadly interdisciplinary consulting services to a larger engineering team. Some examples:

  • CCC has utilized FEMA flood modeling to determine the drag forces on litter traps anchored in a channel, to be used in determining structural loads on the anchor lines.
  • CCC has developed grading plans for landfills adjacent to sensitive stormwater conveyances on CERCLA Superfund sites.
  • CCC has performed stormwater hydrology for spill containment ponds on industrial sites.
  • CCC has performed hydraulic and hydrologic analyses of land being converted into wetland mitigation banks.

CCC also offers educational programs of all levels, from children, to university adjunct teaching, to professional classes for Continuing Education Credits.