FloodingCampbell Civil Consulting provides fast, accurate, cost conscious stormwater engineering services to individual home owners, engineering companies, private land developers, public municipalities, homeowners associations, land management companies, contractors, and attorneys involved in complex stormwater litigation.  CCC's engineers and sub-consultant affiliates have decades of experience in stormwater related engineering projects, including but not limited to home inspection, flood mapping, municipal storm sewer design, flood control, stormwater quality modeling, and site hydrology studies for land development.  By employing new collaborative technologies, CCC strives to provide the same quality of engineering consulting services that traditional engineering companies provide at a fraction of the cost.

If you are a homeowner, a prospective home buyer, a realtor, or you represent a homeowners association, CCC can offer you a host of services including a drainage investigation for single family residences, flood mapping for your home or your area, or other investigative engineering consulting.

If you are a facilities manager or owner, you need professional consultants who can help you fully understand what you own, what state it's in, and how much money to reserve to fix it in the future. You may also need additional services, such as an on-call engineer.

If you are an engineer, an architect, or other such design professional, CCC can supplement your own talents and experience by working directly for you, allowing you a wider range of services and expertise to present to your client.  Specific to hydrology, CCC can perform detailed site hydrology studies, can peer review such studies from other engineers, and can perform conformance analysis or municipality specific as-built studies as necessary.  CCC can also provide design support for LEED green building credits, flood mapping (FEMA LOMA/LOMR/CLOMA/CLOMR), continuing education classes for PDH credits, or simply be on call to perform whatever hydrology or hydraulics design or consulting tasks are required by your business.  By utilizing CCC's services, you can affordably have all the benefits of a full time expert hydrologist and civil engineer on your staff without the carrying costs.

If you are a developer, you need the big picture, and you need it quickly and affordably.  Situationally, you may also need an expert to step in and handle emergencies or situations your regular consultants may be uncomfortable with.  CCC can pair with your architect to offer land planning support during the preliminary development phase, to ensure stormwater issues are properly treated by the land planning effort.  We can offer conformance studies, site hydrology studies, and LEED support directly to you at more affordable rates than your civil site engineer will typically charge, because of our expertise in the field.  We can also offer site observation services, to help ensure the stormwater elements of your project are properly constructed.

If you represent a municipality, CCC offers the same construction observation services, as well as comprehensive plan review services on an as-needed basis, allowing the municipality the benefits of a stormwater expert on staff without having to make room in your tight budget for a full time staff member.  CCC can also review more complex hydrology documents for you, such as flood studies or water quality studies or the like, for engineering errors or diversions from your ordinance.

If you are an attorney, you need an expert who understands the litigatory process, has experience with litigation, and understands his role as an expert.  CCC has extensive experience in stormwater litigation, and can supply you with the edge you need when building your case.  When the science backs you, the case builds itself.

If you have need of any of these services, or simply need to discuss a drainage issue with an engineer, please feel free to contact us by phone or email free of charge and we will discuss your problem with you.