If you own an existing development with stormwater management facilities on it, such as a detention pond, ornamental pond, rain garden, or underground stormwater vault, it needs regular inspection to comply with local and state guidelines.  Inspecting your stormwater management facility for ongoing maintenance concerns can prevent costly repairs over the long term, by identifying problems early and seeing to their repair before small problems turn into big ones.  Campbell Civil Consulting staff are licensed professional engineers who are also Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission Level II Certified, qualifying us to inspect existing detention facilities in the City of Atlanta and surrounding jurisdictions.  As municipalities become more sensitive about ensuring the ongoing operation of stormwater facilities, you need a firm that can perform these functions knowledgeably and affordably, with your best interests in mind.  Annual stormwater management inspection services start at $300 per year, depending on the complexity of the stormwater management system. Installations with confined space entry constraints, such as standing water or the potential for harmful vapor buildup, may require a significantly higher fee. Call or email Campbell Civil Consulting for a free consultation about your maintenance and inspection needs.

underground detention vault