Stormwater utility fees are a significant new trend in municipal stormwater funding, that many municipalities are beginning to adopt across the South Eastern states.  The basic premise behind these fees, is that conveyance of stormwater is a public good just like sanitary sewer, and that repairs and improvements of a city's stormwater culverts should be paid for by the entities responsible for increasing stormwater volume.  Fees are set based on the acreage of impervious cover on a site, such as parking lots and roofs, and assessed on the monthly water or sewer bill.  The fees aren't much for a home owner, but could add up to tens of thousands of dollars per year for a large site.

Fortunately for owners, municipalities typically give a discount of up to 40% for having a well maintained detention pond.  The rules for obtaining these discounts vary by area, but for a large site the engineering necessary to apply for the discount could pay for itself in the first year.  Depending on the nature and complexity of the analysis, Campbell Civil Consulting could represent you in applying for a stormwater utility fee credit for between $300 and $800.  If an as-built analysis of the pond, or a detailed impervious take-off of the land cover on site is required, this fee could be more, but will usually pay for itself in the first year or two of municipal discounts.