Owners and facilities managers are often tasked with maintenance cost projections to determine how much money to earmark on an annual basis for future maintenance items. To perform the task, though, requires experience in a wide range of disciplines not often held in-house.

Owners seeking to buy new properties would be wise to perform the same tasks, to know what sort of financial obligations they're "buying" when they assume control of the parcel.

With two decades of site engineering experience, and a business specialization in the most expensive elements of facility sites, Campbell Civil Consulting brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the task of capital reserve analysis outside the building envelope. CCC partners with BOMA/BOMI certified facilities managers to perform complete assessment of systems and other elements within the building envelope, to provide our clients with an authoritative total Capital Reserve Analysis package. CCC further teams with certified cost estimators and analysts, to ensure the cost data provided in our capital reserve analyses is accurate and up to date. CCC can also perform Life Cycle Cost Analysis, "break-even" analysis, and other related investigations, for individual, corporate, municipal, or federal clients.