For urban renewal, redevelopment, or new development managed by a regional stormwater management facility, municipalities generally require a conformance study of some sort, showing that the proposed development conforms to previously approved land development or stormwater management permits.  This usually takes the form of some engineering checks, some simple figures, and either a letter or a short report showing conformance.

As an engineer, you may need a specialist to evaluate the conformance of your design to a previous design.  As an architect or owner, you may no longer have a suitable working relationship with the engineer who performed the previous study.  In any case, Campbell Civil Consulting can acquire the previously approved hydrology study, review your current design, and evaluate it for conformance to the previous permit.  Fees for hydrologic conformance studies vary with the complexity of the project and the rigor of the municipality, and can range from several hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.  Please feel free to contact Campbell Civil Consulting about your project to discuss the particulars, and request a quote.

Constructed stormwater detention pond, with forebay and littoral shelf