Many failures in stormwater management facilities can be traced to construction methods.  Cutting corners, failing to put in anti-seepage measures for culverts through berms, or failing to appropriately compact fill can drastically shorten the operational lifespan of a stormwater facility.  Further, failing to properly install an outlet control structure or to provide adequate storage volume in a pond can prevent the contractor from pulling a timely Certificate of Occupancy, which directly hurts the owner's bottom line.cutoff ditch on a construction site to prevent surface drainage and subsurface water migration from impacting a foundation wall

Campbell Civil Consulting can provide site observation services to developers, owners, contractors, or municipalities, to ensure that contractors are properly following design documents and design specifications with regard to the construction of stormwater management facilities.  Such oversight can avoid costly changes to the pond near the end of construction, and can help ensure a long operational lifespan of a facility.

CCC offers site observation services at a rate of $125 per hour.