As a manager or owner of an engineering firm, you may have designers under your employ who are asked in the course of their general duties to perform certain routine stormwater calculations, but who may not have the educational background to fully understand what they're doing.  You may have engineers with good stormwater backgrounds who simply need a refresher.  Or you or your business associates may be in dire need of Professional Development Credit hours short of a deadline.

Campbell Civil Consulting can provide classes to you or your firm, with subject matter tailored specifically to meet your firm's needs.  Not only can we cover theory, but we can relate it directly to your practice, even utilizing your own software tools to illustrate how the rubber meets the road.  Classes typically cost $500 for a half day, or $1,000 per day for a full day's lecture, but additional surcharges may apply if you wish CCC to incorporate proprietary software into the lecture.  Full PDH credits are available for all classes CCC gives.stormwater pond diagrams from an educational planning session