In our experience, clients interested in LEED certification of their buildings come in three flavors, depending on their motivation.  One flavor wants to push green initiatives for altruistic reasons, or to remain cutting edge.  The second flavor wants to show a particular level of green commitment within a limited development budget, because they don't intend to own the building in the long term.  The final flavor are long term owners who are as interested or more interested in life cycle costs than the actual certification itself, and focus on achieving credits that will pay for themselves in the long term.  What you want, as an owner, developer, or engineer, is a sub-consultant who realizes that clients needs vary by their motivations, and who tailors his services to best meet those clients expectations.


Campbell Civil Consulting understands how different LEED clients think.  We also understand the LEED credit system itself in great detail, with extensive real world experience in LEED certified buildings in the Atlanta area.  CCC can offer engineering technical support for stormwater credits, general Sustainable Site (SS) credits, Water Efficiency (WE) credits,  and Innovation in Design (ID) credits as they pertain to all elements of a green building site.  We also have valuable relationships with other architects and engineering consultants capable of addressing the engineering details of every other LEED credit in the book, including commissioning, Materials and Resources (MR), Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), and Energy and Atmosphere (EA).

CCC can provide LEED engineering support at all phases of the design development process, from concept to final certification.  Doing so is typically an hourly fee of $125 per hour, and the total cost of services varies widely by scope.  CCC will discuss your project with you free of charge, and provide an estimate or a quote at your request.