As an attorney, you realize that stormwater issues such as flooding and drainage can be very litigious, and the legal obligations of land owners may vary widely by location.  You know that engineers may be liable for faulty design work, contractors may be liable for improper construction practices, and owners may be liable for improper oversight or violation of municipal, state, or federal ordinances as a function of not only new development, but simple maintenance activity.  You also know that you need an engineering expert with a complete understanding of the details of stormwater law, on whom you can rely to produce a complete analysis of a legal situation, and give accurate statements, depositions, or testimony where necessary.

Residential drainage problem during a rain event causes flooding on adjacent property, provoking legal actionCampbell Civil Consulting has extensive legal experience with stormwater related legal suits in the south east, and has worked side by side with attorneys representing plaintiffs and defendants.

CCC offers legal support services on an hourly basis, at a very competitive rate of $125 per hour, in support of attorneys findings of fact and to aid attorneys in preparation for a case. Due to the more intense nature of certain legal services, CCC requests a fee of $250 per hour spent in court as an expert, spent in deposition and cross examination, or the like. Please contact CCC free of charge to discuss the nature of your case, and establish an understanding of how CCC can help you build your case.