Avalon Hydrologic Design


As a stormwater expert sub-consultant to Southern Civil Engineers Inc. (now a part of Kimley-Horn and Associates) Campbell Civil Consulting performed all necessary hydrologic design for the 100 acre Avalon project in Alpharetta, GA. At the time of this website post, Avalon is still currently under construction.

CCC has performed civil site hydrology studies on literally hundreds of similar sites across the southeastern United States, but Avalon presented some unique challenges. The project was originally titled "Prospect Park and Westside Drive," and designed and permitted through the City of Alpharetta by URS Inc. When the original developer developed financial difficulties in 2008, the project was put on hold mid-construction, and laid idle for four years before North American Properties bought the land in financial distress and began the process of redesigning it to meet their vision. SCE and CCC were the site engineering team chosen to evaluate the prior engineering, and make the necessary changes to it to meet the new land plan within a wider set of constraints than an ordinary green field project.

The hydrologic design included an analysis of approximately 1,400 acres of urbanized North Fulton County, a detailed peer review of URS's prior engineering work, and a fresh engineering analysis of the entire system, constrained by certain design elements which had been already constructed. The result was a higher development yield than previously permitted, within the approximate same footprint, and with stormwater management pond changes that didn't impede the revised land plan.

This is a photo taken during construction of one of the two stormwater management ponds on site. This "north pond" controls over 25 acre-feet of runoff before it discharges to Tributary 6 of Big Creek. The silt shown in the pond at the time of the photo was from construction, and only due to the pond doubling as a construction sediment basin.

Below is an aerial construction progress photograph, taken  by Aerial Innovations of Georgia Inc. (all copyrights reserved - image posted with permission)

The Avalon phase 1 is slated to open in Fall of 2014.