Sugar Hill Lane Stream Restoration


The Sugar Hill Lane Stream Restoration project was a collaborative effort between Campbell Civil Consulting and the Rockdale Stormwater Utility, to repair a collapsed culvert, stabilize an erosive slope, and realign a local stream utilizing the sorts of best practices often seen in "Rosgen" stream restoration designs.

The project revolved around an unnamed tributary of McClane Creek in Rockdale County Georgia, that had "oxbowed" over time towards a bulbed cul-de-sac, eroding the fill slope and creating over ten feet of dangerous head cut. The scour swept away the discharge headwall from the road's drainage system, damaged several lengths of culvert, and threatened to undermine not only the road itself but the garage of an adjacent residential parcel.

Existing Site:

dangerously eroded creek

Existing Creek:

dangerously eroding creek

In order to remedy the dangerous and environmentally damaging situation, Campbell Civil Consulting worked with the Rockdale County Stormwater Utility to develop a plan to realign the creek bed away from the infrastructure it threatened, and to establish a permanent non-erosive and environmentally friendly condition. The plan required approval from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division for a stream buffer variance, as well as an Army Corps of Engineers Individual 404 Permit.

Cover Sheet

Stream Restoration Plan

The completed project restored the original slope, relocated the road discharge to an offline configuration with appropriate storm drain outlet protection so as to avoid future erosion, and relocated the stream itself. It included "grade break structures" built on-site from re-purposed hardwoods that reduced stream velocities and concentrated flows in the center of the channel, allowing live stakes and planted bank vegetation to grow.

Finished Stream Restoration Project

Finished Stream Restoration Project