An engineer will research your property and provide you with several digital representations of your parcel.  These include:

  • An excerpt from your tax map showing your parcel's location as it relates to adjacent parcels (subject to online map availability)
  • A satellite photograph showing your parcel's land cover (subject to Google's Terms of Use for Environmental Consultants)
  • Your parcel located on a United States Geological Survey "Quadrangle Map," showing nearby geographical features
  • Your parcel located on a Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Insurance Rate Map, identifying the approximate flood boundary as it relates to your property lines

The above information will be provided to you digitally as a single color PDF file.  Please note that the above information does not constitute a land survey, is approximate, and is for informative purposes only.  The cost of researching and providing this information is typically $200, but may be higher subject to the availability of tax maps for your area.  Please call or email us and request a quote.


Residential lot abutting Sope Creek, flooding shown from fall 2009