Most home drainage problems are caused by offsite run-on, subsurface issues, or grading/engineering flaws originating back when the home was built.  Many are caused by changes in the drainage patterns on other people's land, or even adjacent streets.  If your home or property is experiencing drainage or erosion problems, be wary of hiring a contractor who will repair the land without understanding the actual problem, because such a repair may be temporary in nature, and you may have thrown good money after bad.  Consider hiring an engineer first, so you can better direct the repair effort towards a lasting solution.

Campbell Civil Consulting can analyze your current or future home for drainage problems.  If any are identified, the engineer will discuss options for repairing them with you, and will prepare a written report discussing these findings and recommendations at your request.

The investigation itself within the Metro Atlanta area typically costs $400, although unusually large sites or more remote locations may cost more.  A report detailing these findings and recommendations, delivered to you electronically in PDF format, typically costs between $400 and $800 depending on the scope of the problem and the detail of the analysis, although some lengthy reports may cost more.    A reasonable number of bound color hard copies typically cost an additional $125.

Please call or email us to request a quote.  Be ready to discuss the details of your drainage problem, and please have the address or location of the site in question handy.

poorly drained residential driveway